While Writing Blogs is relatively new to me and this will probably come through quite clearly as you read this. I am sure you have come across this post because if like me you have a strong interest and love of Photography. I will endeavour to keep this a light and interesting read not full of boring facts and scientific studies and pixel peeping images and all that boring stuff you see alto often on the web, I am sure all you want to know is if the product is good and worth your hard-earned money. In Short, the answer is YES YES AND YES, But please keep reading as there is more behind this company than what meets the eye. While Gobe is not perhaps as well known as some filter Makers on the market such as Lee and Cokin who do make extremely good quality filters. The price point that comes with these companies is shall we say high. Gobe filters are shall we say a more reasonable price and are what I believe to be of extremely high quality but at a third of the price. Presented in a rather nice metal Tin (no plastic) and recycled cardboard outer packaging I appreciate the thinking and innovation Gobe is trying to bring to the table not using any plastics and only recycled materials, Gobe are even promoting the fact that with every purchase at this amount they are going to Plant 5 trees 🌱 yes 5 trees to offset the carbon footprint and help the environment. You receive a little card in the pack got to the website and you can register your trees to be planted. Well, I'm not sure if there is much more to say you can find out more about Gobe and the filters they make at the link below and I will also include a link to the same filter that I Purchased my self. The Website  https://mygobe.com/uk/the-start/ The filter https://mygobe.com/uk/77mm-nd1000-filter-2peak.html
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